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We are a group of high school students from the Webb Schools of California with a passion for mathematics.


Meet your instructors below!

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Hello everybody! My name is Hanbo, and I am a math enthusiast that wants to show you math is fun. In my spare time, I enjoy making music and working out. I also love eating sushi.

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Hi! I'm Eric. I like playing Minecraft, making cheese, making music, and eating sushi. I also have a love-hate relationship with the restaurant Zhou Hei Ya. 



Hi, my name is Jonathan. I like to play osu!, go mountain biking, fly FPV drones, and my favorite restaurant is Panda Express. My favorite anime is OddTaxi and my favorite movies are A Silent Voice, Weathering With You, Pacific Rim, Rush Hour, Inception, and Interstellar. I hope that this math circle makes math a bit more interesting and shows what there is to discover about this subject.

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Aaron Yang

Hi everyone, my name is Aaron Yang. I am a high school junior who is very interested in STEM and applying math to real world situations. I enjoy not only taking in knowledge but also helping others expand theirs! Outside of math, I participate in a variety of activities such as robotics, Taekwondo, and rock climbing.

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