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Inland Empire Math Circle



We are a group of math enthusiasts from the Webb Schools of California dedicated to showing students the fun side of math. The Inland Empire Math Circle is a non-profit year-long mathematics enrichment program open to all elementary and middle school students. Our mission is to fight the stereotypical idea that "math is boring", to teach interesting concepts not covered in the standard math curriculum, and to develop critical thinking skills. If you are looking to learn an interesting concept, solve a challenging problem, or enhance your problem solving skills, you should join our meetings! Click here to join us.

Meeting Format

We hold one-hour online meetings every week via Zoom. The meeting time is Friday, 7:00 to 8:00 P.M. If you have to miss a meeting, our meetings are always recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel.  During meetings, we first talk about a formula, theorem, or problem-solving strategy by solving challenging problems, then explore an interesting puzzle for the rest of the class. The problems hone students' critical thinking skills, while the puzzles help us convince students that math is anything but boring. Meetings are completely free of charge!

We leave a discussion problem after every meeting, designed to extend the student's exploration of the activity beyond the one-hour meeting. Join our discord server to join the discussion!


We are a math circle verified by As of now, we only sponsor the AMC 8. Students who wish to take the AMC 8 through Inland Empire Math Circle must join our circle and attend meetings regularly. 

Support Us

Inland Empire Math Circle is run by a group of hardworking high school students who balance schoolwork and many other commitments to bring you the fun side of math. 

Please support us by telling your friends about this amazing math circle!


Also, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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